With his track 'Swing To Harmony' threatening to assault the charts like so many recent Data tunes before it, Niko Gala is quietly establishing himself as a name to look out for in 2005. This two tracker on Precinct won't necessarily be troubling the chart compilers in the same way, but will do his reputation on the underground no harm, as he skirts the lines dividing cutting edge progressive, electro and tech without scant regard for genre divisions.

'Out of Body' combines deep, fuzzed out synths with slow, glitchy rhythms and trippy atmospherics for a robo - grooved late night burner, whilst 'Next Room' rides an ethereal female vocal and plinky pianos over a Moroder-esque bassline for a weird and wonderful Italo Disco - meets – deep prog soundclash that shouldn't work, but does, by the spadeful.

Out: 07/03/2005

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