Having first emerged on as a proponent of deep, spacey, tech infused house music , Turkish producer Özgür Can has quietly built a reputation as a genre defying producer / dj renowned for quality, drum lead house music of all hues and colours, with releases and mixes for Cocoon, Kompakt, Picadoll and even the legendary Harthouse label.

The B side mix is pure Özgür: atmospheric toplines, subtly driving bass, crunchy drums and a loose free flowing arrangement. The A side mix sees Özgür go as housey as we've heard him go before, with a fat, swinging rhythms underpinning a nagging organ synth riff that could have come from Erik Kupper in '92, but is custom designed in 2006 for post minimal, hypno house action.

A. On The Whitest Day
B. On A Whiter Day
3. On A White Day (LCD Only)

Out: September 2006

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