Muscovite Andrey Burtaev's production credits so far have been limited to a slew of deep and spacey drum & bass releases via various, mainly Russian based labels. But the call of the 4/4 seems to have caught up with the man, and going by this three tracker, he seems to have got into the swing of things pretty quickly.

Opener 'Echoes' has a touch of the D Ramirez / Body Rox about it with its wonky, pitch bent stabs, floor friendly drops and chunky drums combining for a solid dancefloor outing. Flip for 'Mostly Harmful', and six and a half minutes of blissed out, woozily melancholic house that doesn't really sound like much else out there at the moment, and is all the better for it. 'Elevator' rounds of the package with some heads down, straight up techy business.

A1. Elevator
B1. Mostly Harmful
B2. Echoes

Out: March 2007

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