Precinct records kicked off with sometime Border Community collaborator Gwill Morris' 'Forme' back in 2003, a deep, floor friendly slab of leftfield, progressive house music with an unforgettable bell riff.

Since then, Gwills' gone on to become a doctor, but demand for the tune has never really gone away, and so with crushing inevitability, remixes were commissioned and the bells were dusted off and pulled out for action once more.

Daso's releases on Germany's 'My best Friend' have always trod the line between electronic house and minimal, but with a bit of disco sensibility worked between the grooves. So here we get a driving, hypnotic, funked out bassline and shuffling rhythms holding down the groove as the original riff is doused in effects to produce splashes of towering, sky kissing melody.

Jesse Somfay's mix takes a more low key approach, as the Kompakt favourite leaves the original riff out, and instead builds up layers of glitchy atmospherics to create a trippy and mesmeric 5 am speaker rattler.

Both mixes have been seen to work in everything from temples of sound in Farringdon to converted public conveniences in East London, so choose your weapon, the battle begins.

A. Daso Mix
B. Jesse Somfay's 'Will of the Wisp' Mix
3. Shiloh & Micah 'Shatterfist' Mix **Digital Only**

Out: March 2007

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